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As the online auctions business prepares to split from its payment operation later this year, Rob Cyran and Jeffrey Goldfarb discuss which has the better prospects.

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Dehydration can be dangerous during exercise, but is it possible to drink too much water?

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The death rate from coronary heart disease has dropped 38 percent in a decade. One reason is that hospitals rich and poor have streamlined emergency treatment.

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Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri this week raised concerns about dietary supplements that claim to protect against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

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Well: When Doctors Don’t Talk to Doctors


Poor communication between doctors and patients is discussed relatively frequently. But what about confusion between the teams of doctors who share patients in the hospital?

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Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.

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Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Woman With Transplanted Uterus Gives Birth, the First in the U.S. + MORE 12/03/2017

A woman born without a uterus had one transplanted from a live donor, and gave birth to a healthy son, at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas..... More »

No Down Payment Financing For Medical, Dental And Healthcare Practices! + More News: Volcanic Eruption in Costa Rica + MORE 05/14/2016

Infrared camera footage captured the Turrialba Volcano erupting on Wednesday. The volcano is located about 30 miles from Costa Rica’s capital, San José..... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Ask Well: Can You Sweat Out Toxins? + MORE 08/19/2017

Heavy metals and BPA can be detected in sweat. But whether tiny amounts of chemicals present a health concern is unknown..... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Covering Trump outside the DC "bubble" + MORE 02/27/2017

Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Kevin Riley talks with Brian Stelter about what it's like to cover Trump administration policies from far beyond the beltway..... More »

Business Funding News: Breakingviews TV: Playing Trump cards + MORE 11/09/2016

Investors worldwide are trying to make some sense of the U.S. election. Breakingviews columnists take a closer look at what it means for the Federal Reserve, infrastructure and U.S. stocks. .... More »