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Physicians, too, can become confused in ways that lead to “never” events, as in they should never occur. How far should the system go to prevent them?

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Kid-safe bands with plant oils, chemically treated clothes and bug spray offer some protection, but a new patch may finally confound this nemesis.

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A study raises questions about the effectiveness of the body mass index letters that the state started sending home more than a decade ago.

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The timing of Berkshire Hathaway’s $37 billion acquisition of Precision Castparts looks flawed. Antony Currie and Jeffrey Goldfarb explain.

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A boutique hotel with terrazzo floors, custom furnishings and concierge service is now at the center of the worst outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the city’s history.

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Adobe is offering employees six months of paid maternity leave, joining the group of companies like Netflix and Microsoft, that are upping the amount of leave they allow employees to take.

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