Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: How We Used VR to Explore What Music Feels Like to a Deaf Person + MORE 11/06/2017

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Conway and Stelter spar on air


Brian Stelter asks Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway what specific steps the White House is taking to repair the administration’s credibility, after a new poll shows only 33% of Americans think Trump is “trustworthy.” Conway deflected questions, mentioning credibility issues in the Democratic Party and accusing CNN of anti-Trump bias.

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With the help of two deaf collaborators, virtual reality producers at The Times made an immersive video about the experience of hearing music after receiving a cochlear implant.

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The limited research on the long-term effects of damage to connective tissue indicates that a patient, no matter how young, has a 50 percent chance of developing arthritis within a decade.

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