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DuPont shareholders voted against the motion from Nelson Peltz’s activist fund to appoint four board directors. Antony Currie and Robert Cyran explain how the chemicals conglomerate won.

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Well: Grip Strength May Predict Heart Attacks and StrokesA study found grip strength to be a good predictor of the risk for cardiovascular disease and a stronger predictor of death than systolic blood pressure.

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Shake Shack reported a surprise quarterly profit and better-than-expected revenue, and raised their full year outlook. Stocks closed mostly lower. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Study Asks if Carrot or Stick Can Better Help Smokers StopResearchers found that offering incentives to quit was effective, but that the chance of success was nearly doubled by setting up penalties.

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Cuba’s largest distillery awaits the lifting of the U.S. embargo to market the world-famous Havana Club rum to the United States. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) – An inspection of a controversial California prison revealed unsanitary conditions, from a lack of hot water and incorrect storage of raw food to rodent droppings, a state report shows.

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No Down Payment Financing For Medical, Dental And Healthcare Practices! + More News: Hyperinflation kills off Zimbabwe dollar + MORE 06/15/2015

Zimbabwe's central bank will start to take the Zimbabwean dollar out of circulation. As Sonia Legg reports it became worthless after the introduction of various currencies, mainly the US dollar, to slow hyperinflation. .... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Companies Rush to Develop ‘Utterly Transformative’ Gene Therapies + MORE 07/24/2017

Gene therapy for cancer is becoming a reality but works best for blood cancers like leukemia and not yet in more common ones like lung cancer..... More »

Business Funding News: Ties: Why I Talk About My Daughter’s Body + MORE 12/30/2016

I struggle with bulimia, and I want my 11-year-old to grow up with a healthier body image than my own..... More »

Financing For Medical, Dental And Healthcare Practices! + More News: Administration Is Seeking Ways to Keep Prescription Drugs Affordable + MORE 11/22/2015

The Obama administration on Friday hosted a forum to address ways in which the government could help protect against high pharmaceutical costs..... More »