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LONDON (Reuters) – New clinical trial results with AstraZeneca’s heart drug Brilinta are positive but bleeding risks suggest the company’s sales force still has its work cut out to get the medicine widely adopted for long-term use.

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CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. authorities are considering imposing tougher restrictions in Arkansas to contain a virulent strain of avian flu in the heart of America’s poultry region in a bid to minimize international trade disruptions and contain the virus.

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Sex and Violence, Beyond the Script


Sex and Violence, Beyond the ScriptA group of actors is pressing unions and others to create clear-cut protocols for registering and handling grievances about harassment in the theater.

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(Reuters) – Four Americans who may have been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone have arrived in the United States and are being observed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said on Sunday.

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London, England, UK – European biologists have discovered a bacteria-killing compound in common mushrooms that grow in horse dung. Unusually for an antibiotic, copsin is a protein; but laboratory trials showed it to have the same effect on bacteria as traditional antibiotics.

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Weakening Asian currencies are bumping up the number of Mainland Chinese tourists travelling abroad to destinations such as Japan and South Korea. Tara Joseph reports.

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Zero Down No Down Payment 100% Financing For Medical, Dental And Healthcare Practices! + More News: White House Warns Insurers About Surcharges and Gaps for Contraception + MORE 05/12/2015

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Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: KLM CEO: Imperative for airlines to follow new U.S. security rules + MORE 06/30/2017

Speaking with Richard Quest, Pieter Elbers discusses the new rules, and explains how his airline protects itself from cyber-attacks..... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Influential Republican Attacks Party’s New Health Care Bill + MORE 05/02/2017

Representative Fred Upton of Michigan said he opposed the new version of the bill because it “torpedoes” protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions..... More »

No Down Payment Financing For Medical, Dental And Healthcare Practices! + More News: Stocks get crushed on global jitters + MORE 08/23/2015

What happens when China's economy slows, the Federal Reserve telegraphs raising rates and oil drops below $40 a barrel? Stocks take their biggest hit since 2011..... More »