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NEW YORK (Reuters) – The 2015 NFL Draft class has now been welcomed into the league, one that could grow safer as their careers unfold through new-age research into identifying concussions.

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Wall Street closed to the downside after the March trade deficit hit close to a 6-1/2 year high. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Fourteen U.S. and Canadian cancer institutes will use International Business Machines Corp’s Watson computer system to choose therapies based on a tumor’s genetic fingerprints, the company said on Tuesday, the latest step toward bringing personalized cancer treatments to more patients…

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(Reuters Health) – Parents’ influence on teens’ drinking varies in girls and boys, suggests a new study from Taiwan.

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CHICAGO (Reuters) – The U.S. government approved the use of an additional $330 million in emergency funds to help contain the worst avian influenza outbreak in U.S. history, as infected bird cases soared and hundreds of Minnesota poultry workers learned they would lose their jobs.

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Panera Bread Plans to Drop a Long List of IngredientsThe restaurant chain wants to banish a variety of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, as well as different kinds of sweeteners and meat from animals raised with antibiotics.

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Representative Fred Upton of Michigan said he opposed the new version of the bill because it “torpedoes” protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions..... More »

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The investigations into Trump and Russia are ongoing, yet conservative media heavyweights are talking about it in the past tense, as if the matter is settled and Trump has been vindicated. Brian Stelter scrutinizes the talking points..... More »

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In celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, the post office is unveiling a new line of stamps including a portrait of the Queen and her heirs..... More »

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The benefits of restoring our microbial system become more and more obvious. We need a way to make this system reboot easier..... More »

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Steph Curry, Michael Phelps and Jimmie Johnson all go to Phil de Picciotto when it comes time for contract negotiations. CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia gets pro tips on how to negotiate your next raise..... More »