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Opinion: Why Health Care Tech Is Still So BadElectronic records will transform medicine, eventually.

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Ellen Pao’s sexual discrimination case against venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins devolved into a courthouse game of she said-she said Friday.

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An experimental drug from Biogen became the first Alzheimer’s treatment to significantly slow cognitive decline.

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A Life Upended After an IV Glucose Treatment Popular Among Asian ImmigrantsTwo years since undergoing amputations after receiving a treatment known as a ringer, Myung Hwa Jang has become comfortable with daily routines like climbing into bed and grocery shopping.

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Sterne Agee’s Ike Boruchow lowered his price target but maintained a buy rating after the upscale jeweler reported disappointing sales, and lowered the outlook, blaming the strong dollar.

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Study Suggests That Hitters’ Production Dips After They Return From ConcussionsA study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that position players in the majors who suffer concussions do not hit as effectively in their first weeks back after their injury.

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Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Amazon plans over 5,000 more UK jobs + MORE 02/21/2017

Online retailer Amazon is set to create more than 5,000 jobs in Britain this year, boosting its investment in the country once more, even as it prepares to leave the European Union. Saira Jaffer reports. .... More »

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Republicans plan to move forward on a years-old effort to shift Medicare to a system known as premium support, setting up a partisan fight..... More »

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