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Wall Street did not like the better-than-expected jobs report fearing it could bring rate hikes sooner rather than later. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Wall Street had its worst day since January as solid job growth in February revived fears the Federal Reserve could start hiking interest rates as early as June.

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On the Case at Mount Sinai, It’s Dr. Data


On the Case at Mount Sinai, It’s Dr. DataJeffrey Hammerbacher, who started Facebook’s data science team, now uses his skills to improve medical treatments, a switch inspired by his own health crisis.

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Apple will attempt to take over the smartwatch sector with the release of the Apple Watch, but will consumers buy it? Phil Furey reports.

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Even if they haven’t been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetics with classical heart-risk factors like smoking and elevated “bad” cholesterol are at heightened risk of serious heart-related “events” and death, according to a new study.

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(Reuters) – The Republican-controlled West Virginia legislature on Friday banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, overriding the governor’s veto and joining 11 other states in prohibiting abortion at that point.

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Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: When covering sexual harassment in tech gets personal + MORE 07/15/2017

CNN Tech journalists Laurie Segall and Sara O'Brien share their personal experiences covering sexual harassment..... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Breakingviews TV: Electric dreams + MORE 09/27/2017

Automakers, miners and even vacuum maker Dyson are talking up battery-powered cars. Rob Cox and Antony Currie explain why high costs and supply concerns will keep gasoline engines purring. .... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot + MORE 03/28/2017

Some clinicians think marijuana may help ease the transition out of addiction, while critics say substituting one drug for another is no solution..... More »

Small HealthCare Practice Funding News: Feature: Will Obamacare Really Go Under the Knife? + MORE 02/19/2017

Republicans spent almost seven years waging a battle to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Finally, they are set up for victory — or a new kind of disappointment..... More »

Business Funding News: ExxonMobil, Chevron profits drop + MORE 10/29/2016

Low oil prices are still inflicting pain. Earnings even fell at their refinery units, which usually fare well in times of low oil prices. Jeanne Yurman reports. .... More »

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