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Well: Safety of Herbal Supplements Pulls Prosecutors TogetherAn investigation by the New York State attorney general’s office, which prompted four national retailers to pull herbal supplements from their shelves, has led to a broader effort.

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Lisa Bonchek Adams Dies at 45; Chronicled Fight With Breast CancerMs. Adams was known for her thousands of blog posts, Facebook updates and Twitter messages detailing her struggle with breast cancer.

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(Reuters Health) – The gap in suicide risk between young people in rural U.S. communities and those in more urban areas is widening, a new study suggests.

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James McQuivey, Principal Analyst at Forrester, says the Apple Watch will not be the runaway hit that the iPad was, or the hit CEO Tim Cook really wanted. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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WELLINGTON (Reuters) – Suspected environmental activists have threatened to contaminate infant formula in New Zealand, the world’s largest dairy exporter, in an attempt to halt the use of an agricultural poison on pests such as rats and possums.

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Stocks moved higher in the first trading day of the week, with Apple shares up slightly after the rollout of its watch. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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