HealthCare Medical Commercial Building Financing

Medical Program For Practice Building Projects!
Doctor Owner-Occupied Commercial

Real Estate Financing

Medical Building Program For Licensed Medical Professionals Looking To Purchase Own Office!


HealthCare Specialties We Fund:

Doctors of Medicine  |  Optometrists  |  Dentists  |  Podiatrists  |  Osteopathy  |  Veterinary  |  and More!

Credit Restrictions:

Medical Equipment Leasing Healthcare Medical Equipment Leasing Purchase / Refinance

Real Deals For Difficult-To-Finance Medical Real Estate!

Mortgages Up To $5 Million - Minimum Loan Size: $250,000!

Help For Doctors With FICO Scores Down to 620!

Full Documentation

Terms: 15, 20, 25 Years

Up To 90% Financing!

Owner-Occupied or Occupy 51%

Lower Debt-Service Coverage Minimums!

Commercial medical practice building financing for hard-to-finance owner-occupied practices —even those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

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